The Blackhawk Diversion Board Back Pack Gun Case

The Blackhawk Diversion Board Back Pack Gun Case

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One color available. Red with Black accents. 

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You can see a video of this backpack on my Youtube Channel Sams Garage Sale below


I picked up the last that Blackhawk had. 

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Diversion Carry Board Pack

Constructed of 420 denier Velocity Nylon

Discreetly Transport long guns with folding stocks, short barrels

AR platform divided into upper/lower halves (up to 29 inch

Interior lined with webbing for attaching holsters, pouches or accessories

Includes muzzle retainer, retention strap and padded divider

Internal divider for carrying up to two firearms or separated upper/lower AR-15 receivers (up to 29” long)

Padded walls with inner shell hide firearm outlines

Heavy-duty lockable zipper sliders


The Blackhawk Diversion Board Pack Gun Case takes concealment to a whole new level. This clever bag mimics an ordinary board bag perfectly but is designed to be a discreet gun case where you can carry up to two firearms or by using the internal divider an AR-15 upper and lower receiver. The single pocket design makes it easy to access your firearm and has a muzzle retainer and retention strap to securely hold firearms in place. The 420 velocity nylon construction is super durable and the heavy-duty lockable zippers will not fail. The heavily padded walls and inner shell conceal the outline of your firearm, so you will be completely discrete. If you are looking for a great way to transport your firearms unnoticed, the Diversion Bag is just the ticket.


The pack is divided by a padded panel that would allow two guns in the pack, theoretically.  But it also cuts out any chance that a rifle will print and show through the outside of the bag.

 Blackhawk pack has even more webbing in the front.  What all would you want to add?  Mag pouches.  A first aid kit.  A radio, maybe?  There’s more webbing here than I’ve ever seen in any pack, so the sky’s the limit.


Blackhawk has built the bag exceptionally well.  The zippers are sturdy.  They have to be to hold the weight of a rifle and gear.  The stitching is nice.  And the color choices are logical.  While there are no faddish tactical color options, there are no garish combinations either.  The point isn’t fashion, but fashion camouflage.  Not hiding, exactly, but definitely not attracting attention.



The Blackhawk Diversion Board Back Pack Gun Case
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